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JF Huon is a pharmacist at Nantes University Hospital and a teacher-researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy. After studies in Nantes and Paris, he turned towards a university hospital career by completing a Master 2 and a research thesis in infectiology. At the same time, he developed clinical and teaching activities around clinical pharmacy and medicines. In order to maintain coherence between his different activities, he joined UMR 1246 SPHERE with research on therapeutic adherence, deprescription, and their impact on PROs. 

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Grant for the creation of an observatory of iatrogeny in paediatric emergencies (MSD SNPHPU)


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Evaluation of the acceptability in France of the vaccine against papillomavirus (HPV) among middle and high school students and their parents.

Huon JF, Grégoire A, Meireles A, Lefebvre M, Péré M, Coutherut J, Biron C, Raffi F, Briend-Godet V.

PLoS One. 
2020 Oct 22;15(10):e0234693. PMID: 33091021; PMCID: PMC7580947.
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Nizet P, Tching-Sin M, Dubreuil C, Pinaud V, Van Tricht M, Navas D, Huon JF. Evaluation of the Ability of Emergency Room Doctors at a French University Hospital Center to Identify Adverse Drug Events. 

J Patient Saf. 
2020 Feb 25. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32101954.
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What do adult outpatients included in clinical trials know about the investigational drugs being assessed: A cross-sectional study in France. 

ResFronteau C, Paré M, Benoit P, Tollec S, Hamon C, Schwiertz V, Maillard C, Cransac A, Volteau C, Huon JF, Burgeot V, Tching-Sin M, Guérin C, Flet L.

PLoS One. 
2019 Aug 13;14(8):e0220383. PMID: 31408456; PMCID: PMC6692008.
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How to improve vaccination coverage in France? Qualitative study among health care workers. 

Berrada S, Caroff N, Navas D, Moret L, Huon JF.

Ann Pharm Fr. 
2021 Jan;79(1):77-85. French. Epub 2020 Oct 10. PMID: 33049251.
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Vaccine distrust: Investigation of the views and attitudes of parents in regard to vaccination of their children. 

Caudal H, Briend-Godet V, Caroff N, Moret L, Navas D, Huon JF.

Ann Pharm Fr. 
2020 Jul;78(4):294-302. Epub 2020 Apr 2. PMID: 32434681.
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University of Nantes - Faculty of Pharmacy (initial and continuing education) - Clinical Pharmacy - Public Health - Pedagogical innovation

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