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Dr Gaëlle CHALLET-BOUJU (Ph. D. / HDR) is a Hospital Research Engineer at the Mental Health Departement at the Nantes University Hospital, and is a full member of the Inserm UMR1246 SPHERE team. After a university course dedicated to neuroscience, neuropsychopharmacology and addictology, she defended her PhD entitled "Gambling: towards a specific approach of the various types of games" in 2014. She obtained her accreditation to supervise research (HDR) in 2021. Her research focuses on the assessment of addicted individuals and addictive risk; therapeutic innovation for addicted patients; prevention of risks associated with addictions. More specifically, she has developed her research activity centered on behavioral addictions, especially on gambling, and is currently working on the cognitive processes involved in behavioral addictions, the detection and prevention of online gambling disorders and the typologies of behavioral addicts.

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Gambling disorder
Gaming Disorder
Sex Addiction
Food Addiction
Substance Use Disorders
Behavioral addictions


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Interministerial Mission for Combatting Drugs and Addictive Behaviours Scientific Award


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Impact of wagering inducements on the gambling behaviors, cognitions and emotions of online gamblers: a randomized controlled study.

Challet-Bouju G., Grall-Bronnec M., Saillard A., Leboucher J., Donnio Y., Pere M., Caillon J.

Frontiers in Psychiatry
2020; 11: 593789. PMID: 33312142. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2020.593789.
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Food Addiction among Female Patients Seeking Treatment for an Eating Disorder: Prevalence and Associated Factors. 

Fauconnier M, Rousselet M, Brunault P, Thiabaud E, Lambert S, Rocher B, Challet-Bouju G, Grall-Bronnec M.

2020; 12(6): 1897. PMID: 32604734. DOI: 10.3390/nu12061897.
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Inhibitory control in poker: Do experienced non-pathological poker gamblers exhibit better performance than healthy controls on motor, verbal and emotional expression inhibition? 

Challet-Bouju G, Hurel E, Thiabaud E, Leboucher J, Leroy M, Quibel AL, Grall-Bronnec M.

Journal of Behavioral Addictions
2020; 9(2): 347-362. PMID: 32516118. DOI: 10.1556/2006.2020.00019. PMID: 32516118
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A Typology of Buyers Grounded in Psychological Risk Factors for Compulsive Buying (Impulsivity, Self-Esteem, and Buying Motives): Latent Class Analysis Approach in a Community Sample.

Challet-Bouju G., Mariez J., Perrot B., Grall-Bronnec M., Chauchard E.

Frontiers in Psychiatry
2020; 11: 277. PMID: 32372984. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2020.00277. 
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Modeling early gambling behavior using indicators from online lottery gambling tracking data: longitudinal analysis. 

Challet-Bouju G., Hardouin J.B., Thiabaud E., Saillard A., Donnio Y., Grall-Bronnec M., Perrot B.

Journal of Medical Internet Research
2020; 22(8): e17675. PMID: 32254041. DOI: 10.2196/17675. 
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Five-year follow-up of a sample of gamblers: predictive factors of relapse.

Grall-Bronnec M., Guillou-Landréat M., Caillon J., Dubertret C., Romo L., Codina I., Chéreau-Boudet I., Lançon C., Auriacombe M., JEU Group, Hardouin J.B., Challet-Bouju G.

Journal of Behavioral Addictions
2021. Online first. PMID: 33793415. DOI: 10.1556/2006.2021.00009
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