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Subject: Addiction Medicine - Psychiatry


Dr Julie CAILLON (Ph. D.) is a Psychologist - Hospital Research Engineer at the University Department of Addictology and Liaison Psychiatry at the Nantes University Hospital, and is a full member of the Inserm UMR1246 SPHERE team.

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Gambling and Gaming disorder
Sex and Food Addiction
Substance Use Disorders
Behavioral addictions
Cognition and Internet


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 Impact of wagering inducements on the gambling behaviors, cognitions and emotions of online gamblers: a randomized controlled study. 

Challet-Bouju G., Grall-Bronnec M., Saillard A., Leboucher J., Donnio Y., Pere M., Caillon J.

Frontiers in Psychiatry.
2020; 11: 593789. PMID: 33312142. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2020.593789.
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Effectiveness of At-Risk Gamblers’ Temporary Self-Exclusion from Internet Gambling Sites. 

Caillon J., Grall-Bronnec M ., Perrot B., Leboucher L., Donnio Y., Romo L., Challet-Bouju G.

Journal of gambling studies.
2019; 25(2): 601-615. PMID: 29974308.
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Giving room to subjectivity in understanding and assessing problem gambling: A patient-centered approach focused on quality of life. 

Bonfils NA., Grall-Bronnec M., Caillon J., Limosin F., Benyamina A., Aubin HJ., Luquiens A.

Journal of behavioral addictions.
2019; 8(1): 103-113. PMID : 30663328    
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Excessive trading, a gambling disorder in its own right? A case study on a French disordered gamblers cohort. 

Grall-Bronnec M., Sauvaget A., Boutin C., Bulteau S., Jiménez-Murcia S., Fernández-Aranda F., Challet-Bouju G., Caillon J.

2016 ;  64:340-348. PMID: 26712561.
Addictive behaviors.
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Online gambling's moderators: how effective? Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. 

Caillon J., Grall-Bronnec M., Hardouin J.B., Vénisse J.L., Challet-Bouju G.

BMC Public Health.
2015 ; 15:519-523. PMID:  26024922.
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University Degree of Addictology - Nantes University

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