Associate Professor - Hospital Practitioner

Subject: Therapeutic - Nephrology


Bénédicte Sautenet is University Lecturer-Hospital Practitioner in Therapeutics. She teaches critical article reading (research methodology) and nephrology at the Faculty of Medicine of Tours. Her research activity is carried out within the SPHERE team and in the Center for Kidney Research team as part of the SONG Initiative in Sydney since 2015. She practices her clinical activity in the Nephrology-Arterial Hypertension, Dialysis, Kidney Transplantation department at the University Hospital of Tours. She completed her entire medical course at the University of Tours. She obtained her specialized study diploma in Nephrology in 2011 and her Doctorate of Medicine in 2012 at the University of Tours, then her Doctorate of Clinical Epidemiology in 2015 at the Pierre Louis doctoral school of Public Health in Paris. She did her postdoctoral mobility at the Centre for Kidney Research at the University of Sydney in Australia 2015-2016. Her main topics research concern the methodology of trials in nephrology, the standardization of outcomes for nephrology trials, the implementation of patient centered outcomes in nephrology and the management of arterial hypertension in nephrology. fr

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Patient centered outcomes


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Research grant from the "Hôpitaux Universitaires du Grand Ouest", «Homogenization of outcomes in trials of renoprotection»

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Grant from  the "Société Française d’Hypertension Artérielle", «Homogenization of outcomes in trials of renoprotection»

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Young Investigator Award, « RITUX ERAH, a multicenter randomized placebo controlled trial », European Society for Organ Transplantation


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Range and Variability of Outcomes Reported in Randomized Trials Conducted in Patients With Polycystic Kidney Disease: A Systematic Review.

Sautenet B, Cho Y, Gutman T, Rangan G, Ong A, et al.

Am J Kidney Dis.
2020 Aug;76(2):213-223.
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Range and Consistency of Outcomes Reported in Randomized Trials Conducted in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Systematic Review.

Sautenet B, Tong A, Chapman JR, Warrens AN, Rosenbloom D, et al.

2018 Dec;102(12):2065-2071
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Developing Consensus-Based Priority Outcome Domains for Trials in Kidney Transplantation: A Multinational Delphi Survey With Patients, Caregivers, and Health Professionals.

Sautenet B, Tong A, Manera KE, Chapman JR, Warrens AN, et al.

2017 Aug;101(8):1875-1886.
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Better reporting and greater homogeneity in outcome measures are seen in randomized trial protocols when guidelines exist. 

Sautenet B, Caille A, Halimi JM, Goupille P, Giraudeau B.

J Clin Epidemiol.
2013 Aug;66(8):838-46.
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Strong heterogeneity of outcome reporting in systematic reviews. 

Sautenet B, Contentin L, Bigot A, Giraudeau B.

J Clin Epidemiol.
2016 Jul;75:93-9.
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Medecine Faculty of Tours  ; critical article reading (research methodology) and nephrology

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