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Subject: Addiction Medicine

Thesis subject

Slamming, a new practice in addiction medicine: psychopharmacological aspects.
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Dr. Benoît Schreck (MD, PhD) is a psychiatrist specialized in addiction medicine.

He works at the Nantes University Hospital and is a teacher at the Nantes Faculty of Medicine.

He is a post-doctoral fellow in the INSERM UMR 1246 unit.

He obtained his PhD in Science at the Nantes University in 2021. His thesis was dedicated to the slam practice, a particular form of chemsex, which corresponds to the intravenous injection of psychostimulants in a sexual context. 

His research also focuses on sex addiction and synthetic cathinones.

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Sex addiction
Synthetic Cathinones
Substance Use Disorders


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 Grand Prix ALBATROS spécial Addictologue junior, Congrès International d'Addictologie de l'ALBATROS, Paris


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Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome: Review of the literature and of cases reported to the French addictovigilance network

Schreck B, Wagneur N, Caillet P, Gérardin M, Cholet J, Spadari M, et al.

Drug & Alcohol Dependence.
2018 Jan 1;182:27–32. PMID: 29132050
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Slam Practice: A Review of the Literature.

Schreck B, Victorri-Vigneau C, Guerlais M, Laforgue E, Grall-Bronnec M.

European Addiction Research.
2020 Dec 4;1–18. PMID: 33279895
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Cathinone Use Disorder in the Context of Slam Practice: New Pharmacological and Clinical Challenges.

Schreck B, Guerlais M, Laforgue E, Bichon C, Grall-Bronnec M, Victorri-Vigneau C.

Frontiers in Psychiatry [Internet].
2020 Jul 22 [cited 2021 Jan 14];11. Available from: PMID: 32792999​
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  • Nantes Medical School, Nantes University.
  • French National University College of Teachers in Addiction Medicine.

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