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Return to Work (RTW) is an important element of quality of life for patients after cancer. Facilitated communication and emotional support from managers are identified as predictive factors for RTW in the literature. However, managers express difficulties in their role and communication. These difficulties might be partly due to cancer's challenging emotional context.
The purpose is to explore the emotional experiences of patients and managers during the RTW process after cancer.
An exploratory qualitative study is being conducted using semi-structured individual interviews with breast cancer patients (n=20) and managers (n=20). For each corpus of data, a thematic categorical analysis (1) and lexical and linguistic analyses (2 and 3) are carried out parallel. The thematic analysis (1) will enable the data to be described and categorised; the lexical and linguistic analyses (2 and 3) will bring more objectivity through the automatic realisation of textual statistics. After being analysed separately, the two corpora results will be compared to examine their differences and similarities.
The results will make it possible to identify actions to raise the company's stakeholders' awareness and thus promote RTW after cancer.
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