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Subject: Biostatistics


Since 2009 - Methodologist and biostatistician within the Methodology and Biostatistics platform (Clinical Research and Innovation Department) of the University Hospital of Nantes. 2011-2015 - PhD in pharmaco-epidemiology within SPHERE (Nantes). Research work at SPHERE in connection with clinical research activity in intensive care (free-days outcomes, quality of life  after ICU via HAP2 European  project) and in pharmacodependence (supervises a PhD about application of statistical methods for the evaluation of the consumption of drugs and substances).

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Free-days outcomes
Quality of life after intensive care


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PACMAN trial protocol, Perioperative Administration of Corticotherapy on Morbidity and mortality After Non-cardiac major surgery: a randomised, multicentre, double-blind, superiority study. BMJ Open.

Asehnoune K, Futier E, Feuillet F, Roquilly A; PACMAN group.

2019; 9(3):e021262
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Ventilator-Free Day Outcomes Can Be Misleading. Crit Care Med.

Contentin L, Frasca D, Tavernier E, Feuillet F, Foucher Y, Giraudeau B.

2018; 46(3): 425-429
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Extubation Success Prediction in a Multicentric Cohort of Patients with Severe Brain Injury.

Asehnoune K, Seguin P, Lasocki S, Roquilly A, Delater A, Gros A, Denou F, Mahé PJ, Nesseler N, Demeure Dit Latte D, Launey Y, Lakhal K, Rozec B, Mallédant Y, Sébille V, Jaber S, Le Thuaut A, Feuillet F, Cinotti R.

2017; 127(2): 338-346
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Empiric antimicrobial therapy for ventilator-associated pneumonia after brain injury.

Roquilly A, Feuillet F, Seguin P, Lasocki S, Cinotti R, Launey Y, Thioliere L, Le Floch R, Mahé PJ, Nesseler N, Cazaubiel T, Rozec B, Lepelletier D, Sébille V, Mallédant Y, Asehnoune K.

Eur Respir J.
2016; 47(4): 1219-28
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On comparison of clustering methods for pharmacoepidemiological data. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics.

Feuillet F, Bellanger L, Hardouin JB, Victorri-Vigneau C, Sébille V.

Biopharmaceutical Statistics
2015; 25(4): 843-856
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Clinical Research seminars (DRCI - CHU de Nantes) : statistical tests

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